HolzChat Webcast recorded on June 4, 2020
Future Wooden Building Systems
Future Wooden Buildings are based on building science, new technologies & materials, and a desire to make positive impact on climate change.
In our first episode of HolzChat, we talked about some engineered timber products and systems offering solutions for the abundant but unused small diameter timber supply in the US. In this HolzChat we dive into the details of these versatile and cost effective precision wood products.  In this webcast we discuss:
  • The broad availability of specialized products and services used to create engineered wooden high performance buildings that are taking shape in the US. 
  • The design and planning processes that bring the right products and people together for these hybrid off site manufactured projects, including Prototyping, Rapid Install and Flatpack strategies.
  • Ways to move more scopes to off-site manufacturing to reduce weather and labor risks and increase known budget and outcomes and take a close look at a single family hybrid project case study currently in process using these innovative systems in Montana.
  • Uncover the ways that Wufi Static energy modeling informed the design and specification strategies.
  •  Discuss how can these systems be implemented to improve building performance, health and Construction efficiency for future single family building projects?   
  • Discover what these building systems can offer that other approaches can't and shifting the emphasis of CLT from primarily a commercial and institutional solution to the huge potential it offers for single family residential projects. 
Guest Jim Muhaw is the Technical Representative of Rotho Blaas USA for the Northeastern US. After 20 years within the medical device industry, he followed his passion for energy-efficient buildings. Jim is a certified Passive House Institute Envelope Specialist. Jim uses his business and technical experience to address climate change through the use of more advanced wood products in low carbon buildings.
Guest Pat Clark is a mass timber pioneer based in Montana and the cofounder of Stolze Timber Systems which is bringing European mass timber technology and products to architects and builders in North America.
Host Ilka Cassidy is a Philadelphia area architect, Passive House Consultant, and cofounder of Holzraum System LLC.
Host Steve Hessler is a heavy timber structural designer and project manager, a Passive House Consultant, and a cofounder of Holzraum System LLC.

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Guest Hannes Blaas is CEO of Rotho Blaas USA. He works in Switzerland, the UK, Canada, USA, and China, to make Rotho Blaas a leading supplier of special building material and integrated solutions for the mass timber construction industry, developing tomorrow’s fasteners, acoustic products, waterproofing and vapor control, tools and fall protection systems.
Guest Lucie Krbcová has worked for seven years in the timber industry: first as a Quantity Supervisor, later she co-founded a company which specialized in design and structural calculations of CLT buildings, and now for NOVATOP GSM in the USA, UK and SA. a manufacturer of advanced wood products